Media Spotlight: TV News Loves Dr. Pinsky and Breakthrough Sleep Apnea Solution

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Dr. David Pinsky’s father died from sleep apnea, so he is passionate about treating people who suffer from it. Taking his wake-up-call to the airwaves, our very own Dr. Pinsky has some eye-opening segments about sleep apnea on ABC 7 News and NewsChannel 8. Live on air, Dr. Pinsky demonstrates the breakthrough at-home sleep apnea test and oral appliance that successfully helps sufferers regain a great night’s sleep.

Few people are aware of the immense dangers of sleep apnea. It can cause countless health problems, including strokes, heart failure, diabetes and worse. As a dentist, Dr. Pinsky is often the first medical professional to detect airway obstructions in his patients’ throats. When he suspects a sleep apnea issue, Dr. Pinsky can provide an at-home sleep test unit, where his patients are tested for sleep apnea in the comfort of their own beds. One of the units fits comfortably on the head, another can be worn like a wristwatch. The devices monitor breathing, oxygen levels and how many times a person wakes up. The results are then sent to a pulmonologist for diagnosis.

For those diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea, Dr. Pinsky can provide an oral appliance to be used while sleeping. It’s much like a retainer that adjusts the bite. The device opens the patient’s airway, letting them breathe easier. State of the Art Dental Group offers a convenient and effective sleep apnea oral appliance alternative for those suffering with sleep apnea. The oral device is an excellent alternative to the sometimes uncomfortable CPAP sleep apnea treatment device and helps patients achieve their best possible night sleep. For those with more severe sleep apnea, Dr. Pinsky can put patients in touch with a noted sleep center and pulmonary sleep specialist.

Watch Dr. Pinsky’s interview with reporter Eileen Whelan of ABC 7 and NewsChannel 8 here.

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