Cosmetic Dentistry Can Be More Effective Than Botox

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Cosmetic Dentistry Can Be More Effective Than Botox

A healthy smile is a powerful tool. Studies have found that a healthy looking smile can lead to both professional and dating success. But more importantly, it can instill confidence by creating a younger looking you. 

47% of Americans believe a person’s smile is the most important physical attribute. Which is why cosmetic dentistry has recently become more popular than ever. With today’s emphasis on youth and beauty, it’s no wonder that people are in a hurry to see their dentist. Many offices offer an array of tools and technology to provide you with that gorgeous smile you’ve been dreaming of. From subtle changes to major oral surgery, there are a number of procedures that can improve the look of your teeth, including:

Teeth Whitening – Say goodbye to discolored, coffee stained teeth. Teeth whitening or bleaching can be done in-office, but many dentists now offer at home whitening systems that may be more convenient for those with a busy schedule. 

Crowns – Hide chipped teeth, dental implants and even large unsightly fillings. Crowns are tooth shape caps used to completely cover a tooth restoring its shape, size and strength.

Bridges – These devices are used to replace a tooth that has fallen out or been removed. Bridges can be made of gold, alloys or porcelain. They are anchored to two neighboring crowns and then bonded to the mouth.

Bonding – Dental bonding can quickly and affordably enhance your smile’s appearance. Dentists use tooth colored materials to fill in small cavities or space between teeth. Bonding can also mask imperfections such as broken, chipped or cracked teeth.

Veneers – These custom made shells are used to cover chipped, stained, gapped or crooked teeth. They are typically made of porcelain or plastic and last longer than bonding, however, veneers are permanent so you must be willing to make a full commitment to perfecting your smile. 

With a wide variety of options and price ranges accessible to most people, almost anyone can attain a dazzling smile with the help of their dentist. Schedule your appointment today and see how cosmetic dentistry can turn back time and put a smile on your face.