Tooth Extraction Services in Rockville, MD

Woman smiling at her dentist after her gentle tooth extraction to pull out an infected molar. Although we always want to help you save your teeth, sometimes it’s necessary to have one of them pulled. Doing so can make you feel a bit nervous, especially if you’ve never had an extraction before. At State of the Art Dental Group, our gentle tooth extraction techniques and sedation options will put your mind at ease throughout the entire procedure!

Why Can’t My Tooth be Saved?

At what point is it no longer possible to save a tooth? We may recommend an extraction if you:

  • Suffer from severe periodontal disease
  • Are getting a new set of dentures made
  • Have a severely broken or decayed tooth
  • Are in extreme pain
  • Dental treatment has been put off for too long

Removing a damaged tooth and professional dental cleanings prevent infection from jumping to the next tooth, leading to other multiple dental problems. Essentially, it is an important step in protecting the rest of your smile.

Replace Your Missing Tooth

You’ll want to replace your missing tooth as soon as you’re able to, so that your bite doesn’t shift. Otherwise, your other teeth will start to move – even if they are in the opposite arch. Our Rockville office provides several types of tooth replacement options, like bridges, implants, and dentures. Before your extraction, we’ll talk about which one is right for you.

Dentist pointing out a possible tooth extraction from an x-ray. What to Expect

During your procedure, Dr. Pinsky or one of his associates will thoroughly numb the tooth to be worked on. We will also provide sedation upon request. You’ll feel a bit of pressure as we wiggle the tooth out, but you should never experience any pain.

After the appointment, we will review steps to take to help your mouth heal quickly and reduce any discomfort. Remember to call us at any time if you are experiencing problems after your visit! We’re always here when you need us.

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