Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Rockville, MD

Happy black couple, well rested, because of sleep apnea relief found at State of the Art Dental Group in Rockville, MD.Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder characterized by the cessation of a patient's breathing several times a night. This interrupts sleep, and introduces other heath risks. A good night’s sleep is necessary for you to maintain a strong immune system and have the energy to carry out the demands of the day. Without sleep, you can quickly become rundown and tired, even risking your overall health.

Sleep apnea is also correlated with sudden cardiac death. If you suffer from sleep apnea, promptly contact State Of The Art Dental Group for a full evaluation.

Oral Appliance

Do you suffer from sleep apnea and don’t want to use a CPAP machine? Dr. Pinsky can manage your sleep disorder through the use of an oral appliance. Oral appliances are non-invasive, helping make sleep more comfortable and preventing the need for bulky CPAP equipment. Benefits can include more restful sleep, increased energy, lowered blood pressure and more!

Because an oral sleep appliance is non-invasive, it makes it more comfortable to share your bed with a sleep partner. No bulky or noisy CPAP equipment is involved. You and your entire family will be thrilled! The small appliance is easy to wear and store in your nightstand when not in use.

Experience You Can Trust

American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine LogoDr. Pinsky is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, allowing patients of State of the Art Dental Group to access alternative care methods to traditional CPAP equipment. In fact, he teaches sleep apnea management techniques to dental professionals across the country.

Approximately 65% of patients who need CPAP equipment won’t wear one. Now you have a more convenient option! Call State of the Art Dental Group today to find out how you could be sleeping better tomorrow. Invest in a better night’s sleep and a healthier, happier life today!