What is Sleep Apnea?


Man lays awake at night due to snoringSleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing involve a decreased oxygen intake, often due to a collapse of the soft tissues near the back of the throat, at the opening of the airway.

Due to lack of oxygen, people with sleep apnea often experience restless sleep, where their body begins to wake up dozens of times each night. Symptoms often include headaches, waking up tired, falling asleep during the day, irritability, snoring, and weight gain.

It’s easy to see why a sleeping disorder could have a traumatic impact on you’re your personal life, as well as your sleep partner’s. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that can change your quality of sleep as soon as the first day of use: the oral sleep appliance.

Treatment with an Oral Sleep Appliance

Using a professionally fitted oral appliance, we are able to naturally open your airway and prevent soft tissue blockage while you rest. As a result, you achieve maximum airflow without CPAP equipment, enjoying a quieter, more comfortable night’s sleep.

The process is similar to adjusting the size of a water hose in order to increase output. If the hose is collapsed, water cannot flow through it. Thus, we use the oral appliances to assist in widening the opening of your airway, so that oxygen intake is unrestricted. Our patients prefer this method over surgeries or CPAP equipment, as it is non-invasive and allows for a comfortable, quiet night’s sleep for everyone in the room.

There are hundreds of sleep apnea appliances available on the market, but Dr. Pinsky has narrowed down the selection to the top two or three methods that are appropriate for each of our patients. Thanks to years of experience, he knows how to tailor the prosthetics to best fit your individual lifestyle, comfort, and anatomical needs.

Test in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Some of our patients come to us already having been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder, while others have not. There are certain signs of sleep apnea that may be visible during your clinical exam, such as prominent jaw muscles and flat, worn teeth. We will also take specific measurements to determine whether there may be a collapse of your airway.

If we suspect that you may have a clinical sleeping disorder, it is usually necessary to provide you with one of our sleep study tests you can take in the comfort of your own home.

Once you’ve completed your home sleep study, mail it back to our office and we will have a board-certified sleep physician interpret the data. This information will let us know whether or not an oral sleep apnea appliance is appropriate for your specific needs. In certain cases, we may also choose to coordinate a care plan with your primary care physician, sleep specialist, or pulmonologist.

Improve Your Life and Your Sleep!

Black couple on couch smiling after a good nights sleepA good night’s rest is essential to a strong immune system and tackling what the day has in store for you. Without it, you’ll quickly become run down and have a more challenging time managing underlying health problems. Fortunately, your solution for better sleep may be as close as a visit with our dentist.

Eliminating your sleeping disorders through the use of oral appliance therapy can help you to enjoy benefits such as:

  • More restful sleep
  • Increased levels of energy throughout the day
  • Fewer headaches and migraines
  • Weight loss
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • A boost to your immune system

Because an oral sleep appliance is non-invasive, it makes it more comfortable to share your bed with a sleep partner. No bulky or noisy CPAP equipment is involved. You and your entire family will be thrilled! The small appliance is easy to wear and store in your nightstand when not in use.

Invest in a better night’s sleep and a healthier, happier life!

Experience You Can Trust

Dr. Pinsky is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, allowing patients of State of the Art Dental Group to access alternative care methods to traditional CPAP equipment. In fact, he teaches sleep apnea management techniques to dental professionals across the country.

Approximately 65% of patients who need CPAP equipment won’t wear one. Now you have a more convenient option! Call State of the Art Dental Group today to find out how you could be sleeping better tomorrow!