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Treating the Cause of TMJ Disorder

Jaw pain and soreness. Headaches or migraines. Clenching or grinding your teeth. These chronic conditions could all be signs of a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Your TM joints are the hinges that allow you to open and close your mouth. You can’t eat or speak without them. TMJ Disorder is a condition that can cause chronic headaches, migraines, and worn or broken teeth. It can arise due to problems like misaligned teeth, chronic teeth grinding, sleep apnea, and stress. Whatever the cause, we offer custom TMJ treatment in Rockville, MD to ensure you find the relief you need. Don’t let TMJ disorder or migraines get in the way when there’s an option to be pain-free day after day!

Do You Have a TMJ Disorder?

When not treated, TMJ Disorder causes the teeth to bite together improperly. Not only does this cause accelerated wear to your tooth enamel or existing restorations, but it radiates muscle fatigue through your jaw and into the tissues throughout your face. That’s why so many people experience pain or headaches. Common symptoms of TMJ Disorder include:
  • Chronic jaw pain
  • Jaw popping, locking, or stiffness
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Neck or back pain or stiffness
  • Earaches
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TMJ Disorder Solutions

Our team at State of the Art Dental Group understands that many TMJ disorder symptoms can be painful and sometimes debilitating. We work closely with an MRI radiologist to assess the anatomical structures of your jaw and surrounding structures. We also evaluate your bite, jaw function, and any pathology associated with the TM joint. Our customized TMJ treatment in Rockville, MD can help you restore balance to your day, your smile, and your overall health! Common TMJ treatment solutions include the following:

Mouthguard/Splint Therapy

To avoid teeth grinding and clenching we may recommend a custom-made mouthguard or splint. These are often worn at night but can also be made for the daytime to protect your teeth whenever you clench or grind them. This reduces strain from clenching as you sleep, as it creates an area of buffer space between the teeth, thus relaxing the joint. Made specifically for you, they will fit snuggly over your teeth.


In some instances, we will use nonsurgical injections using BOTOX to relax the muscles surrounding the jaw, reducing the strain and likelihood of headaches. BOTOX is highly effective at providing short-term relief from jaw and joint pain associated with TMJ Disorder. Many patients find that this effectively relieves their symptoms, so they can enjoy a more functional and comfortable life.


If your teeth are misaligned and affecting your bite, you have malocclusion. This can cause stress on your TM joints as your teeth try to find a way to come together properly. Orthodontics  can be used to straighten your teeth and as a result your bite! This helps reduce or eliminate bruxism as well as the jaw pain associated with it.

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