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Living without teeth can result in many miserable and painful experiences every day. Maintaining your health is difficult when you can’t eat many foods. Your confidence may be diminishing as your smile gets progressively worse. Life can feel hopeless, but our team is here to help you renew your smile and life with permanent full mouth dental implants in Rockville, MD! With permanent, attractive teeth, a healthy and functional life can be realized each day—improving your confidence and long-term quality of life! Learn more by reserving your consultation or FREE second opinion with our implant dentist today.
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The Ideal, Lasting Choice

Full mouth dental implants provide significant benefits that are unobtainable by any other option. You can choose removable dentures, but they only provide 10% of original dental function and will become loose and ill-fitting over time as your jaw changes due to tooth loss. Implant supported dentures are an upgrade, but generally restore 60% of function for eating and will need to be removed each night for cleaning. Contrarily, full mouth dental implants in Rockville, MD restore over 98% of natural function with a life-like set of fixed teeth attached permanently to 4-6 dental implants placed around your jaw. The ideal and lasting choice of full arch restoration, this solution can offer a lifetime of health, function, and natural smile aesthetics. We place and restore full mouth dental implants right at State of the Art Dental Group through a highly personalized, efficient, and comfortable treatment protocol.

Restoring a Permanent Smile


Phase One: Design and Planning

Every full mouth treatment begins with a personalized consultation with our implant dentist in Rockville, MD. This consultation gives us insight into your current situation and a chance to discuss your personal smile and health goals. We’ll complete digital x-rays and take impressions to help design your custom treatment plan. This personalized plan for a new smile will help provide a map of your surgery, fabricate custom surgical guides, and ultimately design your new smile. Completing all phases of your treatment in-house also ensures we maintain a superior level of personalization and care, while also being conscientious of your finances and budget.


Phase Two: Surgery and Immediate Teeth

Our implant team has credentialing through the International Congress Of Oral Implantologists and has years of experience placing and restoring both titanium and ceramic dental implants. The surgical phase of your treatment will involve placing your dental implants, in addition to any preparatory procedures like teeth extraction and bone grafting. These may require a separate surgery but can often be done at the same time as implant placement. During this appointment, you’ll be comfortably resting under custom sedation while we place your dental implants using the custom surgical guide. This surgery is efficient and exacting, with predictable results that make it possible to attach a set of teeth immediately, in most cases. We work closely with a reputable dental lab to provide this same-day service, so you’ll never be without teeth!


Phase Three: Healing and Final Restoration

You’ll need several months to fully heal from surgery and to allow the dental implants and bone to integrate. This osseointegration is what provides a stable, permanent foundation for your new set of teeth. These teeth are fully custom, precision-designed in CAD/CAM technology from a block of zirconia exactly to your specifications, so they provide the most realistic and beautiful result. Once attached to the dental implants, they’ll provide lasting and stable function while looking and feeling completely natural. When properly maintained, your new smile will last decades and potentially the rest of your life!

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Invest in a Lifetime of Healthy, Happy Smiles

Full mouth dental implants in Rockville, MD are a life-long investment in the quality of your life, from your self-confidence to your ability to enjoy eating, socializing, and relationships. Don’t let the opportunity pass by because of financial concerns! Along with repairing failed dental implants free of charge, our office provides numerous payment options [link to insurance and financing] and dental financing through CareCredit®. Financing gives you the freedom to complete more extensive treatment like full mouth restoration, without worrying about upfront costs. Applying for CareCredit is fast and easy, with instant decisions and immediate funding on many cases. Most patients qualify for the loan they need and receive personalized payment plans with fixed interest rates and no prepayment penalties! Contact our team at State of the Art Dental Group to learn about your payment and financing solutions and begin your journey to a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles.

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